How do I know what the name of the project is?

I don’t know what project I have loaded. How can I tell what project is loaded when it is loaded?

Print the file name in the scripting terminal & editor(?)


The window’s title bar should say the name of the opened .xrns file (maybe not on MacOS).

If you save, the bottom status bar also tells you what the filename is.

If you select Save As it should open the original location and name by default as well.

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I actually try to exit the program and it asks me if I want to save ‘Name of Project’, then I hit cancel.
But, yes thank you for the responses. It would be nice if it was visible somewhere on GUI.

The disk browser shows what the last file is you have opened in the bottom of the ‘Songs’ tab.


^this :+1:

I was working on my template… Hah, I didn’t know after taking a long break, and was wondering what project I have opened. lol Thank you for the responses!