How do I make Renoise use my Linux WM Decorators?

When not in fullscreen mode, I want to use my my Window Manager.

The reason is that the buttons get hidden behind widgets I have put on the upper right side of my desktop.

What I want:
4373 RNS-WM-what_i_want.png

What I get:
4374 RNS-WM-what_i_get.png

Is this possible?

Depending on your window manager, you might be able to force server-side window decorations for the Renoise window (KWin, for example, lets you do this). Renoise unfortunately does not specify a window class name (which also breaks application docks), so you’ll have to use the window title in your matching rules.

It “works” but of course the side-effect is that you will have two sets of window controls, which looks a bit weird.

Thanks Dattorz. But, yeah, not working for me.

I still need this. Renoise 3.0 icons are hidden for on my current setup.

Would be quite practical…might look weird, but it would be practical.

Or how about a compromise? Use the same Renoise skin (or whatever it’s called) but have an option to toggle the buttons to the left side.