How Do I Make That 8-Bit Guitar Sound?

I’m looking to make a digitized distorted guitar sound, the simplest way that I can.

A good example would be the guitar found in the fight music of Final Fantasy VII. Or perhaps the Over-driven Guitar found in Mega Man X. Street Fighter II maybe?

And I want to construct it from scratch, within Renoise, with single cycle chips.


From listening to the tracks you mention (on utoob), it’s not wavetable synthesis ie single-cycle waveforms that is making this sound; it is a pcm sample on ROM (a ‘ROMpler’). Try with a real distorted guitar sound (powerchord), reduce bit rate to 8 and freq to say 11kHz and add some compression. Use really short samples with no attack or release

There was a post in another thread ‘Bad Ideas’ about old RealPlayer sound quality ie crap which might help:


Good luck!

(but I also found this while I was looking ;) )