How Do I Map My Own Samples

Hey guys !

Hope you can help me with this one, i have searched our forums to find a answer to my quetion, but i have not been able to find any. I am very much into sound creation and need some help with how I can map my own sounds, so I can use them as XRNI on my netbook ? To explain a little better, I have done a neat bass sound and sampled each note from octave C2 to C4. But the thing is that I can´t assign the notes to separate keys ? I have read the manual, but nothing happends ! What am I doing wrong ??.. Best Regards/RT

did you read the section entitled Instrument Keymaps? It’s the last section on that page.

Make sure you are on the instrument editor page. In the instrument selector box, make sure you have the sample you want to map selected. The bottom section of the instrument selector box where individual samples are listed is what you want. Then use the mouse to click on the keys you want to map it to on the virtual keyboard. The number on the key will change to reflect the sample it’s mapped to.

Some tips:

Put your bass samples at the bottom, not the top of the Instrument Selector:

Select a sample from the bottom, then right+click a key on the piano.

Rinse, repeat, and reread: Instrument Keymaps

Good luck.

Ah, now I get it ! Thanx centipus… Only one thing that´s bother me though… This is going to take a veeeeeeeeerrrryyyyy looooooooooooooooooong tttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeee ! :panic:
But I know it´s going to be worth it. Thanks again :yeah:

There’s a couple ways to do it automatically. Read “Generate Drumkit” on the same page (not just for drumkits), or have a look at this tool.

Thanks conner! going to be a bit easier now… Already knew about putting the samples on the bottom though. Thanks might ! ;)