How Do I Mark The Effect-column Only?

searched through the tutorials and the forum but couldn’t find anything. is there a way to just mark just the effect column and not the whole track with a shortcut?

place cursore on the effect column; now you can move the cursor up and down: press CTRL+B to define the beginning of the selection and CTRL+E to define the end.

alternatively, you can use the advanced edit tab to define a mask with effect value and efefct number only, and select the whole track as usual

If you’re just looking to quickly copy an entire column of effect commands from one track to another:

[edit] Nevermind all that useless shit I just said! :P

Left Ctrl + Left Shift + F4 = Copy column
Left Ctrl + Left Shift + F5 = Paste column

w00t. I hadn’t even noticed these shortcuts myself yet.


thanks, the suggestion vom it-alien worked. but dblue, your shortcut seems to be for another thing. i tried it that way but then the program says it couldn’t find any effects.