How Do I Monitor A Recording Live - With Vst'S


I got the autotune evo demo - and i am trying to see the effects, live monitored through headphones.

basically - can i add the plugin - then monitor my mic input with the vst live over it ?



Anyone - is this possible in renoise?

INsert line in device ( for your mic ) , insert your fav effect and presto , there shall be a bit of latency depending on which audiocard you use


I am a muppet.

Not exactly sure how to do that.

To be clear - I want to hear me singing, with autotune doing its shizzle live - without me having to record andthing then play it back.

I cant even figure out how to monitor that :(

step 1.choose you track
step 2; insert line in device from the dsp effects
STep 3; insert your desired effect( autotune )
SO evreything that will come into the line device ( mic,line whatever you throw at it .) shall now be processed trough the effect(s) …
the effect chain always goes from left to right .thus …soundcard in -->line in device -->antares autotune

^^Whatever he says^^

That is exactly what Gentleclock divider explained:add a “#Line-in Device” on an empty track, select your microphone input in the line-in device, then add Autotune behind it and then start singing. No recording is being done, simply live audio-processing from whatever you feed to the line-in device.

All these years I’ve been doing this by going to Sample Editor, selecting REC, choosing the desired FX device chain and routing the signal input into the master…

headslam on the table

Thanks for teh help.

Now it seems my stupid presonus firebox has latency, and the stupid delay is really irritating.


Edit - Well - using asio sorted that out immediately - now the latency is super low. Seems the out of the box driver worked fine.