How Do I Monitor Levels With More Outputs?

I have a Delta-1010 with 8 ins and 8 outs. It’s very important to monitor the levels on the outputs so see headroom is used to its fullest and the signals aren’t clipping (since outputs go to an analogue mixing desk). However, Renoise only has one (1) volume signal readout, on the top of the screen. How can I easily see the level on the other outputs? Anyway, if there isn’t any easy way, I think this should be fixed in a next version. Insead of 1 there should be an option to see a level bar for each output, which could be placed next to each other, or perhaps on top of each other.

Monitor mixer in Deltas own control panel perhaps?

Well, that one is not accurate enough:

  • The bars are not as long.
  • It doesn’t remember clips, with Renoise one can clearly see if it clips because of the remembering clip leds.
  • It has a slow update.
  • And most professional apps have it, so why not Renoise in the future?

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on each channet in the track setting you can assign the output to whatever you want

true, but the monitoring will not be available for tracks other than your master outputs on the card (1 & 2)
The scopes won’t show any activity on other channels.

Test it.

I posted it as a bug, but it was ‘a missing feature’ according to the devs.

but short,

This is not yet possible, hopefully in the future, there has been many request for a nice mixer screen like in skale

Well, let’s hope for the best…

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