How Do I Monitor Wet?

I’m trying to record while listening to the effects on the track.

I know there’s a check box that says monitor wet, record dry, but it doesn’t do anything afaik.

I hit enter to start recording, and audio from renoise cuts out. I want to hear the wet audio.

I’m aware of the line-in device, I’m using that to get the effects to work…
my audio in device is my microphone, which is also going into the line-in

-I kind of think that if I set the pre-mixer volume to -INF then the recorded input not be there, and only the line-in, which is the same thing, will be on the track, is this true?

Okay, I tried without

You get a bucket of water…sorry couldn’t resist :)

but to make it up to you:
right under the VU meters in the record box you can select tracks.
if you select a track that has some effects on it (wet) it will apply them to your recording.
If you check the checkbox “record dry (monitor fx)” it will apply the effects while monitoring but you will get a dry recording.

oh well, I guess I didn’t need that feature anyways, cheers mista guru mofo