How Do I Play Many Samples On A Single Instrument?

Hi all, I was wondering if it’s possible to layer sounds on a single instrument, i.e: load many samples into a single instrument and have them all play at the same time when I press C-4 on the keyboard. I read in the manual that it’s possible but I didn’t see any explanation on how to do this.

Thanx in advance for any help.


Where did you read this in the manual? As far as I’m aware it’s not currently possible.

Load a sample. Load another into the next instrument. Switch to Sample Editor. Select all, copy. Switch back to instrument 1. Right click, Mix paste. Repeat for as many instruments as you want…

(I don’t have Renoise in front of me just now, but that should be close enough for you to work it out).

I’m not quite sure if this is possible. You can load multiple samples into an instrument by placing them in the box right underneath the instrument box and then go to the instrument editor page and click the generate drum kit button. This will only allow the samples to play by themselves on different keys though. You could simply try placing the samples on different tracks and have them sound simultaneously on the pattern grid.

Quoted from the user manual:

17 Instrument Editor

A sample-based instrument can be created in its simplest form by loading a single
sample into an empty instrument slot. The sample will be pitched up and down via
re-sampling as it’s played back with the keyboard.
When using multiple samples in an instrument, samples can be transposed and
mapped over the keyboard. This can create drum kits (playing multiple drum samples
with a single instrument) or instruments which have multiple samples per note or
octave. This is often done to improve the re-sampling quality across a wider range of
notes, or to layer multiple different sounds at once.

I will try what pidgin suggested and see how things go.

@Abe Trismegistus: the reason I didn’t want to do that is because I want all the sounds to sound together while playing a midi keyboard. By doing this I feel like i can shape my own sounds little by little by adding samples.

Thanx all for your help.


That is just a common description of a sample based instrument here, it doesn’t all apply 100% literally to the instrument editor in Renoise.
What does apply is all written below.
It is still in planning to do layering though, it is highly wanted by many around here, including most team-members.

Dirty hack for 2-layered instruments: you can load a VSTi and a sampled instrument into the same slot, for a maximum polyphony of 1 VSTi and 1 sampled XRNI at once. Very useful for tuning your shit samples correctly against a ‘known good’ VSTi :)

ha, good tip for tuning! thanks!

Keywords are:

  • Mix paste
  • Resample