How Do I: Record Wet, Monitor Wet?

Hi. I’m using a VST plugin (Amplitube2) to give me distortion on my guitar. I know there are benefits in recording a “dry” (no effects) input as opposed to “wet” (post Amplitube2) input but how do you record a “wet” signal AND monitor it?

When I click on the Record icon in Renoise (Sample Editor screen), I have my audio card input on the drop drop down box (below the line-in amplitude monitors) and I select Track 08 on the drop-down box below. (Track 08 has my DSP Chain set up with Amplitube2). If I set the drop-down box to No FX (or any other Track), I can hear (monitor) the input. Why is it that I can’t hear (monitor) anything when I choose the track with my effects?

Thank you

Thanks Bantai. I did it in the end! I think the trick is to leave the #LineIn Device in the chain but disable it just before I start recording. I also had some confusion with the Amplitube plugin being assigned to Tracks 07 and 08. When I was playing my guitar with the Pattern Editor displayed, it seems like the output of the Track07 DSP chain was going into the Track 08 DSP chain output?? Well… I disabled Amplitube on the Track 08 chain and achieved what I was after.

This is soooo cool! Renoise rocks!! (Shame my guitar playing didn’t haha) :slight_smile:

This would be more obvious if we simply add an option “[] Record dry” to the dialog, or?

Well a switch to toggle dry-mode would make things a lot clearer indeed.