How do i reinstall alsa-base?

so a while back i uninstalled lmms in favor of wanting to try out renoise and i noticed the alsa and jack base and i thought they were plugins to to lmms that i forgot to unistall. there are still in my computer though they are no longer working as i auto removed them using the linux terminal (dumb idea). now i get a message every time i open up renoise saying that i highly recommend to use ALSA and JACK. I dont know how to reinstall them though. does anybody here know how? i use linux mint if that sort of information is needed.

If your distro uses apt to install things, then in a terminal do:

sudo apt install alsa-base jackd qjackctl

If it uses another type of installer, check your distro on how to install packages and then install the ALSA and Jack packages I listed above.

the instillation worked but the message still pops up when opening renoise.
i should specify more (feel like a dumbass for not doing it in the first place)

try to do sudo apt install alsa, maybe the alsa-base was too specific and missed some essential ALSA packages. The alsa package should be a more complete install. Then I would try to log out and back in, or better yet, restart.

It may also be a good idea to revisit Renoise’s Linux FAQ for additional support.

whenever trying to sudo apt install alsa or alsa-base it doesnt go anywhere and says that “4 not upgraded”. I’m still really novice at linux software so i don’t know my way around these things still. i haven’t read the FAQ yet so that might help me here.