How do i render a 16 bit sample in Renoise?

My driver is set to 16bit, render song to disk menu is set to 16 bit, import audio is set to 16 bit, still i get 32bit samples when rendering a track to sample.

Shouldn’t there be a setting for export audio the same place as the import settings are located? I mean the only export setting is the file format flac, compressed wav and wav, but even with flac selected it still renders a 32 bit wav file. This isn’t very intuitive is it? At least you got me confused.

Is there a way to change the render settings?

Is there a way to change the render settings?

For the “render to sample” functions, no, it’s not currently possible.

All mixing/rendering is done internally at 32-bit.

Since the “render to sample” functions are working internally — not exporting anything directly to a file — they are therefore also created as 32-bit samples, pretty much direct from the audio engine.

The “Raw Audio Import” settings only apply when loading raw unknown binary files as samples.

The “Song/Instrument Export” setting only affects the format of the samples that get packed into *.XRNS songs and *.XRNI instruments.

The “Render Song To Disk” settings only apply when actually rendering your song to disk. Even then, the rendering still gets processed at 32-bit, but is later converted to whatever final format you selected.

It may be interesting to have some additional options to control the final format of any samples created via the “render to sample” functions. I can see how it would become annoying if you’re constantly having to manually convert everything to 16-bit.

For my own needs, 32-bit is just fine, because I almost always do some additional editing and processing to anything I capture that way, but everyone’s needs are of course different.

Yes this is usually not a problem, but it shure is annoying to manually convert everything to use my favorite vocoder, so an option to render 16b samples internally would be great. :slight_smile:

my favorite vocoder

Which one, just out of curiosity?

Vocov2.13, for a free plugin it’s really amazing, definately recommended!

If you want to hear an example i’ll be releasing a track any minute now using this and the free version of CloneEnsemble and it sounds like there is a huge choir singing along, great way to live out your transvestite urges. :smiley:


Ok, I don’t use this one myself, but I’m a little bit familiar with it.

Rather than dealing with the hassle of rendering stuff to .wav and loading it into Vocov (which I guess only supports 16-bit .wav?), why don’t you simply use its companion capture plugin to feed a track’s live audio through it instead?

For example:
5828 dblue-2015-08-03-vocov-demo.xrns

I didn’t even know it was possible, so that’s what this thing was for. :smiley:

Thanks dblue, that seems a bit more handy being able to change stuff on the fly.

My MPC only accepts 16bit 44.1Khz, can we please have the option to render selection to 16bit 44.1khz samples?