How do I set the decay (or length) of a sample (say a Hi-Hat)

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I’m certain this will have been asked before (although I can’t find what I think I’m looking for from a Forum Search).

So back in the day I used to use AXS - a hybrid Tracker. If this picture has embedded properly, you can see that it was very easy to change the sample duration in real-time by adjusting a knob (highlighted in yellow) - very handy.

I don’t see an easy way to accomplish the same thing in Renoise - what am I missing?

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I think it made the sound shorter, like a volume envelope?

I recommend taking the time to read this:

Then you can use “ADHSR” or “Envelope” or “Fader” to achieve what AXS did with the decay knob.

Also read section “Macros” at the bottom of this page:

So you can map controls of the modulation to be able to automate it in realtime.

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Thanks for the info - I’ve seen those settings but when I try to apply them to say cutoff, I just get a message that says 'cutoff disabled, no filter selected ’ - again, I realise I’m probably being a bit thick.

you need to choose a filter type from the drop down menu, hope this helps :wink:

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Ah - oh yeah - I see this now. Will go and play - thanks :blush:


btw, that hybrid tracker looks awesome to my eyes! :slight_smile:

It’s freeware now but I bought the DOS version back in the 90s. It’s still a decent little Synth Tracker. The only thing that’s problematic is that nothing else will load the songs you create and you can’t just export the Tracker part which is a shame as it means everything’s locked in.

It doesn’t support ASIO but it plays nicely with Renoise if both are using DirectSound and can be MIDI triggered. It’s a shame there isn’t a VST version of it or a way to easily convert songs to something like Renoise.

You can get it here;

This is the Synth Screen;