How Do I Show Song Comments

Now that I unchecked the “Show song comments after loading” feature, it comes right back upon loading another song with comments. Could there be a feature under the preferences menu (misc) to turn it on/off?

It also seems linked to “Do you want to save the changes…” prompt. Does this mean enabling/disabling song comments is saved within the song?

Thanks for the response! Would it be real easy to add a global override for that feature under misc preferences? It would help me greatly :slight_smile:

Ten years later…

There is something weird with Renoise v3.1:

Let’s say you add a comment to your song and check the “Show comments after loading” then save and quit.

If you open your song with File | Open Song, the comment appears (OK)

If you open your song with File | Open Recently Loaded Song, the comment appears (OK)

If you open your song with File | Open Recently Saved Song, the comment appears (OK)

But if you double click on the XRNS from Windows Explorer, it launches Renoise, opens your song… without showing the comment.


Overlooked possibility with the song comments window covering some other window, was never changed when 3.1 went from beta to released? -> [nobug] Song comments not shown when starting Renoise with a song - Archive 3.0 - Renoise Forums

The other thing is that there is a possibility that the song comments window would appear behind the main Renoise window (because the main window hasn’t been initialised yet) even if the comments window did show, so you would have to alter the ordering in which the two events occur.

Or maybe just an overlooked subtle bug soko :slight_smile:

That’s actually super-annoying…

Is there any way to quickfix?