How do i stop tool manifest.xml from being forced into 6 - i.e. stay in 5

I use an old and new version of Renoise (due to needing 32bit Renoise for plugins to work at all).

Every time I accidentally boot up the new version of Renoise (cos, yay, new!), all my tools are sabotaged into version 6 on manifest.xml.

how do I stop new-Renoise from doing this, and retain version 5?

Aren’t tools kept in versioned folders? Tools in, say “\Renoise\V3.2.1\Scripts\Tools” should be distinct from those in “\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\Tools”

When you install the new version of Renoise 3.2.0 / 3.2.1, the installer will review and make a new copy of the scripts (import), keeping the originals in their original folder. Each version will have its original script version. The new versions will be updated to API6. The old ones will remain intact for the previous versions.
I think it works like this in Windows 10.

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What are the exact Renoise versions and OS you’re using?

That’s my experience.

I prefer to use a 32bit 3.1. and sometimes i accidentally boot up to 3.2 and it screws up all my tools :frowning:

As mentioned above, Renoise 3.2 will copy the whole config dir of 3.1, including all tools, and then use this new copy. So 3.1 and 3.2 do not share the same tools and config. Of course this happens only on first run.

So I cannot follow here…

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I guess the detail that’s missing is that I have a symbolic link goin from 3.1.1 to iCloud Drive and another one going from 3.2 to the same iCloud Drive folder.
Because to have two separate folders for the same tool (and the headaches caused by that, trying to make sure my tools are synced up and identical) would be a right headwreck.