How Do I Transpose 2 Instruments To The Same Key

How can i do this…

I want to transpose multiple instruments simultaneously

Check out the advanced edit section, which features some options which could help you; there is no direct feature which transposes two instruments, but for example you will be able to transpose all the notes of an instrument in a pattern, and so on…

Thank you, i am basically looking for an option to tune a group of samples altogether in fine detail

I believe you can only tune multiple samples at the same time if they are in the same Instrument.

You could add them all to one Instrument, tune with the Transpose and Finetune in Instrument setting and then copy and paste them into new instruments each.

Unless anybody can think of a faster way. Plus I don’t have Renoise infront of me to make 100% sure that these setting are copied over with the sample but I imagine they would be…

just tested it, and the settings get copied over. i also ran in to something i personally found strange:
when you have a multi-sample instrument, you can only cut+paste into another multi-sample instrument. so when you cut say, sample 3, out of your instrument, and want to do a right-click > paste in the instrument list, this is not possible. so to test the above, i had to make a 2nd instrument which already had 1 sample in it so i could cut+paste into the sample list. the sample list is not visible on an empty instrument, because it is not determined whether it will be a MIDI instrument or a VST or a sample-based instrument.

edit: oh, to get a bit back on topic, transposing multiple instruments at the same time is something that could be scripted afaik… so unless someone with enough scripting knowledge will read this and is up for it, it might be a good idea to post a request in the Scripting Forum ?

Not even if you add an empty sample slot? Will look at this myself later but it does seems strange. I can understand that you may not be able to into nothing (although there would be no harm of Renoise creating the first slot for it) as you may be wanting to paste over an existing sample, not adding a new one, sometimes.

In fact I would go as far as to say attempting to paste while clicking on empty space in the list should always add it in a new sample slot.

Switch to any new instrument, go to the Instrument Settings panel, and then simply switch to the ‘Samples’ section within it. You can now paste into the empty sample list.

Anyway… my quick tip:

  • Select the instrument that you want to copy a sample from, then give keyboard focus to its sample list (using ALT+Click or middle mouse button).
  • Select the sample you want in the list, then copy it with CTRL+C.
  • Change to some other instrument (pro tip: use the global shortcuts ALT+Up/Down or -/+ on your numpad to quickly change instruments).
  • If the other instrument does not contain any samples, then you can simply paste with CTRL+V and it will be handled automatically.
  • If the other instrument does contain samples, then simply hit Insert followed by CTRL+V to paste into a new slot.

damn, yes, you’re completely right and i cannot believe i never noticed that before.