How Do I Update Renoise 2.0.0 From 1.9.x ?

Hello :)

Do i have to uninstall 1.9.x before installing 2.0.0 ?

Or do i install it in another folder, keeping my older version ?

Because, I’m afraid some of my songs made with 1.9.x won’t (maybe) perfectly work with 2.0.0 ?

And do I have to re install all my vsti or i just scan the folder with 2.0.0 where they are located in 1.9.0 ?

Thank you for you answers and sorry for my approximative english ;)

On linux: simply install the new version (this won’t overwrite the old version)
On window: choose a new folder (not the Renoise 1.9 folder) if you want to keep both
On OSX: Simply don’t overwrite the old

Preferences are kept separate for each version so you can run both versions side by side without any problems.

Thank you very much for your answer :)

Do I have to re-install all my vsti and plugs or I simply scan the folder in my 1.9.x version, with the 2.0.0 ?

Thank you :)

^ Do this :)

Thank you :)

If I don’t want to retain v1.9, can I just install v2 over it ?

EDIT Nevermind - I just installed it to default 2.0 folder.