How Do I Use One Vst Like Fm7....and Use Different

can anyone help me ? ive read all tutorials and even tried vsampler tutorial but no luck…keep getting same sample or sounds from fm7 in every track :( :(

What did you tried to do so far?

i tried the tutorial with vsampler to every step. same sample play in every channel.
can u teach me how to use different sounds from a soft synth like absynth ?
thank you

If i quickly inspect the demo of FM7, you can’t assign presets to channels.
It seems you have to load up another instance and select the corresponding prgram in the Renoise VSTI property panel.
If you do aliasing, it only works with channeling and not by selecting different programs in the Alias.

FM7 is a synth plug though and i can’t remember a synth-plug that supported channeling simply because you would ask the same application to use it’s processors multiple times simultaneously.
I don’t think a synth plugin can do that else applying the channeling upon presets would have been possible.

Most sample-based vsti libraries however do work with aliases as sample slots can be assigned to different channels.
This is specially to have one archive of the same set of presets in memory else it would require a massive memory eating machine.
But usually in this case you can use it’s operators upon the instruments multiple time because the architecture is designed for it.

If the architecture can use it’s processors multiple times simultaneously, but expects it’s host to do aliassing through program assignment, then this is a limitation of Renoise, which can’t be done now.

Another limitation is that plugs that do work with aliasses, cannot be processed by different DSP chains across different tracks as only one of the instruments (either the master or the first played instrument of a certain track in the pattern, is leading)

This last limitation can be reasonably circumvented, and i think this will happen in the near future.
Your problem, i don’t know for sure if it is really possible to have multiple instruments only by using aliasses assigned by program rather than by channel.
The application needs to receive seperate messages for that and switch between programs and i think that is simply not possible at all.

I don’t think it would make any difference either by having another instance in memory:you won’t save cpu resources if it would work through aliassing.
You only save memory.


thank you for that man, it clear alot of things up :)
ill just open new ones …my comp is 1gig corsair ram and amd 3.2 with sound blaster digy 2 zs platinum, it should handle a few vsts at once.

p.s are there any external hardware trackers that support what im after?

Vvois explained most of this already. Most if not all synth VSTi’s only have 1 output per instance. Samplers usually have multiple outputs. When using aliasing in Renoise what happens is that you copy the already running instance to a new instrument-slot - allowing you to track notes with that instrumentnumber. Opening the aliased VSTi will open the original instance. So - why does this only work with samplers? Because with the sampler you can assign the different presets within the sampler to different outputs - hence getting different sounds from the same instance. As synth VSTi’s dont have multiple outputs, changing the preset within an aliased version of a synth VSTi will also change the preset in the original instance. What you can do however, is using a midi-cc command to change preset - but again - this will still only allow you to work with one preset per instance of the synth.

Edit: Come to think of it, the PPG Wave actually is multitimbral, which means you can assign different presets to different midi-channels.

Regarding hardware trackers, there are no such thing. You could have a look at hardware hosts like Receptor from Muse Research ( if you want to reduce the strain on your cpu.