How do I use TOOLS?

Hello world,

How do I use these tools? They did install but where do I find them or use them?

For example… I want my bass to be mono but I don’t know where to find this tool… Can you help me? just downloaded this for 2.8

There are other tools, I want to use like the ARP/STep Seq.

In most occasions if you do not find them in the tools menu, you will find options for them in the context menu’s of the areas where they apply to.

For the batch stereo to mono: You can either rightclick on the instrument or on the sample. If you rightclick on the instrument you get several direct options in the context menu all starting with a “~”. These will be Convert Left channel to mono, Right channel to mono, mix stereo to mono, split left and right channel to separate instruments.

In the sample view, the same options appear under the submenu “Process”.

If you just want to convert one sample, then simply select the native “Adjust Sample format” and select the “Stereo” dropdown in the next popping dialog to select one of the mono options.
The above tool was designed to process all your samples in your complete instrument at once.

thank youuuuuu!!!.. I like to mono my kick and my bass. It makes a difference in the track. For me atleast.

I will try this tonight.

Thankuuuuuu, that was simple . It worked. This means i can mono my kick and bass samples now.

I wish there was a plug in mono
for my bass vst

Try the stereo expander DSP and set its parameter to mono mode ;)

Oh thankuuu. Youve been very very helpful vv. Renoise rox. Today im finding out more about Tools. I got this step sequencer and i like it. Its familiar and its simple.