How Do I....

New Renoise user - and a super Renoise newb!
`Renoise Beginner’s Tutorial HD Part 2´

  • he enter the intrument editor @ 5:35, but that looks nothing like my - in fact, i don’t have an instrument editor! I have a `sample keyzones´-thing.
    But i “think” i know, that the two fields that I have put a red circle around
    3035 Clipboard02.jpg
    have something to do with it… but i dont know how make them appear ( like in the video ) ?!
    I wanna be able to control the release length n stuff- just like he does in the tut-video.
    what am I doing wrong?

It is perhaps a super-simple answer, but I simply not how to do :)

thanks in advance!

Hi Jon,

that’s an older version, you will find this stuff now in the ‘Instrument Settings’ somewhere near the bottom left side. In the ‘Instrument Settings’ make sure the ‘Sample’ button is active (there’s also ‘Plugin’ and ‘Ext. MIDI’). On the right side of these settings you will find the Envelopes for Volume, Panning etc. If not expanded, click on ‘Envelope’ or the arrow button.

HTH & have fun!

AWESOME!!! Thank you! :) im ready to rumble!!!