How Do Vampires Shave??

one thing i have thought about,but couldnt find the answer too

how do vampires shave??

when they cant see them selves in the mirror?? :rolleyes:

They have enough power to hypnotize a pretty woman to do it.


do zombies die,when theres no more flesh to feed on??

the little things that make you wonder :rolleyes:

Yes, yes, someone needs to put these questions on the table once and for all :D

I shave myself underneath the shower, i cannot see myself in any mirror there either.
So i simply touch my skin and sense for unshaved folicles, like all vampires do.

you’re right, vV. Vampires are always clean shaven. No fancy face hair sculptures. I guess that’s why.

As they’re undead, no beating heart, does their hair grow in the first place?

Are you a vampire? :)

Hehe its 21century. Vampires use PC camera :P

Perhaps a gross detail: digg up dead people and you will figure out hairs and nails kept on growing independently.

No they don’t!

Think I trust New Scientist more than you I’m afraid.

Learned something new today I should kick my biology teacher’s ass for telling me the wrong info :P

More myths most of us think are true:

Most common myth 90% of people believe though, is catching cold.

with that logic wouldn’t their already existing hair fall out. if it can’t can’t grow it can’t live either :panic:

yet to see the first bald vampire :P

No more than their skin would fall off their bones.

Although vampires can regenerate at will, although it takes time, and this probably applies to all hair as well, so it’s pretty much up to them just to decide what haircut and facial hair they want ;)

So you’ve spent your whole life thinking you were a vampire :) :P

No i’ve spend my whole life thinking my nails and hairs were actually growing. :P

if you’re asking how venetian snares shaves i guess i could get in contact with him…

But a vampire would instantly burn up in that studio :)

If a tree falls on your face, is that a shave?