How Do You Add A Send Effect Channel?

Sorry if this might have been covered before I have used the search button for the forum and checked the wiki but did not find out how to add a send effect track! So how do add a send track?

Cheers, Richard

just select send track and press ctrl+t. or use right mouse button on send track and “insert track” ;)

Thanks hmā ! I think this needs to be added to the wiki becuase how the hell are people supposed to know this.

Cheers, Richard White

Answer added, though:
You’re the first one to ask about it the past two years.
As for being a hell to find out:I guess most first tried before asking. It won’t do any person harm to use a little intuition now and then.

Maybe just an addition:

You can also insert a Send track from the Master track.
Which you must if you don’t have any Send tracks yet (if you removed them or you don’t use the defeault template…).

No it isn’t, but just having a feeling that it might not only create note-tracks and just attempting to test this out is.
It’s called exploration and challenge.
If you put everything in a document, you remove the challenge of discovery.
But i agree in this sense, that discovery should be limited to discovering tricks that create nifty and odd sounds or effects and none of the technical elements (or lack thereof) inside Renoise should form a barrier.
If such barriers pop up, i strike them flat.

crtl-t isnt intuitive but rightclick with mouse sure is :)