How do you blend sampled vst waves once they are loaded in Renoise?

I primarily use Dexed and samples for all my sound design, but when I use the plug-in grabber a very noticeable shift of harmonic content and amplitude occurs between one octave and the next (Dexed also produces timing dependent of pitch) How do you smoothly blend the different registers in Sampler?

I currently fix this problem slightly by using a keytracker and an inverse keytracker from C2 to C9 (2 modulation sets), but this only works between two samples.

If you use the grabber to reder more samples, like one sample every 1-6 semitones, it will spread them along the keyzones, each key will have a sample associated with more consistent timing and timbre. It will not work for strong portamentos or pitch bend though, those will still exhibit the behavior you described.


Thank you! I will try.

Crossfade between keyzones requested again.