How Do You Do Streaming Radio?

curious how one goes about setting up an internet media station on a webserver to play files located on this web host using shoutcast format playlist. then having it not show up in shoutcast stream list.

the usage is streaming a library of mp3’s hosted on the web to any common .pls player.
in which you would log in to site and cue tunes or play normally shuffled.

maybe something is already prewritten?

For OS X, there’s Nicecast which is pretty awesome:

So you just want the mp3s to stream in the same order every time? As opposed to a live internet radio station?

yes, put a mp3 library upon a website, and it (the website) play it as an uninterupted stream of mp3’s. so any internet player capable of using the .pls format like vlc, winamp, amarock, betaplayer, tcmp, etc. could connect to to the stream.

more clearly, i’m looking for open source code links to upload and run on a server. to access a protected directory, sort the mp3’s out and play them.
then also, an encrypted container to hold the mp3’s accessible from a web interface to upload & download or remove.

having your music anywhere the web is; without needing a website running javascript or flash in a browser. :)

i think there must be libraries for this to run the streaming part non-locally.

yes, non-live.

You can’t protect the mp3s from being individually downloaded without doing a standard shoutcast radio stream (ie: live stream) … and even those can be ripped. The format that individual files stream in is plain, unencrypted mp3.

okie. that’s fine & good.

also i would like to run the code an to put a few directories, on the server. possibly seperated into subdomains like say:
something like that at least.

then at the other end just make a playlist of the playlists together. and wha la! my own personal selection.

anything like this exist yet?

i must be missing something horribly easy.
i could just do this similar but not exactly with an m3u file couldn’t i!
so i should find some commands that automate creation of an m3u file in directory heading on the server.

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