How Do You Get Rewire Working With Cubase 5?

Hi. I’m used to starting up CubaseSX 3 followed by Renoise and seeing a “Do you want to use ReWire” yes/no type dialog box appearing on Renoise startup.

I have recently moved to Windows 7 x64 and Renoise isn’t asking me about ReWire at all.

Is there something special you have to do to get ReWire working on Renoise x64/Cubase 5?


Update Cubase, because Cubase 5 doesn’t support 64-bit rewire. If you need to rewire with Cubase 5, you need 32-bit Renoise unfortunately.

Thanks Vv.

I should be able to run Renoise x86 and Renoise x64 on the same Windows 7 x64 machine though shouldn’t I? In other words… just use the 32-bit version when I want to for guitar/vocal recording in conjunction with Cubase? I just love Cubase’s VarAudio… its the only way my voice will ever make it into a tune! Haha.

Renoise X86 works fine on X64. It only does not gain the full memory advantages that the x64 version has and a few specific 64-bit features. (Using more than 4GB of ram, using soundcard’s 64-bit drivers)

Hmm. Just tried the 32bit version of Renoise… It doesn’t seem to like my Cubase 5 version at all. No Rewire dialogs again. Better go check Steinberg to see how much an upgrade would cost (shudder)… but at least I did save on the cost of a new PC last week! :slight_smile:

Well i’m not specifically out to let you shell out on a new Cubase license I think it is best to figure out what happened with the ReWire installation first.
(Would be very shamefull for us to hear if you upgraded and you still would have ReWire problems). If your specific Cubase version diggs up similar topics on other forums, then you can be quite safe with an upgrade, but if not, there might be something wrong with the ReWire installation.

Yeah I’ll go and have a look on the Steinberg forums. Might even install CubaseSX3 for use with Renoise x86 in the meantime… (which in theory should work if Rewire itself is OK). Was going to record my kid doing some singing with a Renoise track today so that sounds like the quick and easy way to go … not so good for me and my own tune that’s overweight with VSTi’s at the moment but I suppose I can always mix down the tracks for now to get some guitar/audio… I just love Rewire thats all - so convenient! :slight_smile:

You could try the Reaper demo for the recording of your son. It is fully functional aside the nag-screen that appears and the timer that gets longer each run.
It got recently updated to work with true 64-bit ReWire

Thanks - will give Reaper a try. CubaseSX3 won’t work at all for me on x64… Grrr! Hehe. There is no perfect solution. :slight_smile: I won’t fear the Reaper…