How Do You Layer Vst/i

i want to layer two synths that are vsti or layer vstfx, or layer vsti with vst. how?

You can connect two instrument slots (vsti/xrni/vstfx_alias) to the same midi device in the"Midi input" panel of each instrument and you can also assign each instrument to their respective tracks to be recorded in.
The only “but” with this is if you do that, the midi device is dedicated to those assigned instruments and if also assigned as master device, shall then no longer trigger the other instruments when selected.

Yeah, I wish there was real layering.

I’d love to just tell an instrument that if say… inst 5 is triggered then inst 7 is as well.

Save copying, pasting and tedious editing for ages to have a 2nd vst play the same thing.

Hopefully they’ll bring out a device or something similar, just some extra routing in the instrument panel would do it or putting track/instrument numbers in the midi panel.

You can also use a virtual midi-cable on the midi out to trigger the instrument on its midi input. This will give you one sets of notes triggering all.
You must however play all these instruments on the same track if you want to render the output of instruments that are triggered along or if you definately need two sets of effect chains applied: add a send-track to the shadow-track and the main track triggering notes and having both sends, transmitting the output to the same sendtrack…
Renoise does not render tracks where no notes are placed.

I can’t see where you’d do that!

The midi out here is just showing the soundcards midi outs.

You need to install a virtual midi driver like MidiYoke (if you are on XP) or Copperlan (Windows Vista/7 or if you use a 64-bit platform), these will add midi ports to your midi driver system which you can use.
On the Mac you have a native solution to patch midi outputs to inputs, but i have forgotten which that was.
I will see if i can whip up some video this weekend.

Sorry for the long delay…
And sorry for the video that didn’t appeared, unfortunately because that what i thought that could, isn’t possible.
I have meanwhile continued working on a tool that makes editing of multiple recorded tracks a little less tedious. The feature was initially not in it, but since you can’t export tracks that don’t have note-data (or you can’t export instrument audio that wasn’t triggered through the pattern editor) i owe you this much.