How Do You Make This Retrig Effect?


the topic title says pretty much everything :)

I uploaded 2 short excerpts from the song as .flac here

If anyone know a better hoster please tell me. I had to upload them there because the song is not on youtube :)

If you work on high bpm / lines-beat settings you could program this by hand + add a fft vst (dtblkfx.dll for example) to achieve that reverbish incoming effect. I think the programming of the hats is even programmable on standard speeds using the retrigger command in the pattern editor, though maybe not as convincing.

There are a bunch of vst’s that can emulate this type of effect and dfx bufferoveride is a good plugin to get:

You need to swap the reverb, but its possible to just use sample offset+retrigger and a bit of messing around

I’m not triggering the same parts of the break as them but feel free to mess about and find the right points in the sample.


couldnt you get that effect with Dblue stretch??

Thanks for all the answers. The VST plugin didn’t help (Buffer override). The effect doesn’t last very long. The dblue VST is better, but still I’m not very satisfied with the results. It’s a pity that the dblue plugin can’t handle patterns of 256 or 120.

Oh, and triggering by hand and with retrig commands is quite inaccurate and takes veeeeery long :)

With the king of all stutters it should be possible…you need to know how to set things up though as the plugin has a lot of control options :) . Try enabling the sync buttons and automating individual parameters to learn what does what. But just trying it here, it isn’t a drag one slider type affair. You’d be quicker off programming the hats out of your example in Renoise on high bpm / lbp settings, doesn’t take that long.

Maybe ‘bouncy vst’ is better for what you want, inspired by the bouncing ball Aphex track that uses your wanted drill: