How Do You Make Those Pitched Snare Rolls?


i have a embarresed question for you guys.

these last days i have tried making those pitched snare rolls,that you can hear in much breakcore,but i cant get it right

i know how to make the snare rolls,but thats all.

hope someone can help :unsure:

Pitched like ascending in pitch?
use keyboard like zxcvbnmqwertyu etc. to go up in pitch

There are multiple ways. Use the 0Exx effect function and use a small number to change the number of repeats per beat. You can use that alone or combine it with the pitch slide up and down effects (01xx for slides up and 02xx for slides down). Check out the manual if you need more help regarding pattern effects.

thanx guys

yes i found out how do do them properly

i found a little tutorial written by someone on this board,but cant find the link now :(

If you find it do post it up here, as I find pitched snare rolls a little cumbersome too :)

The 01xx and 02xx commands glide the pitch from note to note, meaning if the snare is part of a drum loop it bends the whole loop at that point.

So for that not to happen the snare has to be sliced out and treated as a separate clip, which works but if there was a way just to pitch up or down a defined area that would be helpful.


i cant remember the link,but i saved it to text

Yeah, the typical way to chop up a break in Renoise is just to copy it to a load of spare sample slots and trim each one… This is exactly how you’d do it on a hardware sampler (pre Recycle)… You can either treat every beat as a different sample, or you can spread them across the keyboard…

If you want some REALLY intricate programming (i.e. a VERY fast way of working) you might want to consider the 900 offset technique.

(You might already know this, but for anyone who doesn’t) - If you have a break loaded into sample slot 1 - Trimmed so it loops perfectly - You can use the 0900 command to access different portions of the break:

c-401 0900
c-401 0910
c-401 0920
c-401 0930
up to:
c-401 09f0

It’s in HEX - So every increment of 10 will give you a different beat in a 4/4 loop.

Doing this you can program complex sequences VERY quickly - You learn the break - 0900 is almost always a bass drum, 0940 is almost always a snare - Obviously you hold down “z” to create a long list of samples - Hold down “9” in the right place to get ready for some beat programming - And then you tap away 18cba7320ffe02 etc…

The only problem may be if the beat isn’t perfectly tight…

So a lot of breakcore guys process the break in Soundforge first, using auto-region and the tempo ruler… You can tighten up the break to perfection, and also mix in drum machines samples to add punch and definition…


c-401 0940 00e4
c-401 0940 00e3
c-401 0940 00e2
…etc… and we’ve got some insane drill’n’bass rolls going on - That would be hassle to program in SX tbh…

Also, smooth sample reverse:

c-401 0900 0b00

You can get really fast when you’ve done a few tunes like this - You can program insane panning, offsetting, pitching, sample reversals, etc… I used to do a lot of stuff like this last year.

Now I mainly use Renoise to trigger an external sampler - My favorite thing about Renoise is the lack of visual cues… In SX/Logic I always get distracted by what I see on screen…

i wanna thank the one who wrote this(sorry but cant remember)

when i searced the forum,using pitched snare rolls,i also found a little tutorial renoise track with some insane Vsnares-like beats,if you could find that one,it could be handy

just copy a snare to its own instrument and play that.