How Do You Make Videos Only With Sound?


i am thinking on making some videos for my tracks and upload them to youtube,my question is how do you make videos just with your track playing,and only with my "logo"on screen??

You can do it with any video editor which supports using photos as video footage. Easiest solution is windows movie maker. Although it’s interface is actually more complicated to use than some (more) professional programs. :D

thanks can you recommend some free programs for this to check out during the weekend??would be awesome

Not free, but I advice you checking out Sony Vegas as it is pretty easy to layer audio, subtitles, photo’s and mix video’s with a whole suite of transition effects if necessary.

What I find the hardest to figger out when uploading video’s to youtube is the whole most optimal compression for HD video and audio thing.

What platform you use could be helpful ;)

ahh yes indeed,i use win xp sp 3

i will check out sony vegas,but would first like to see if there was something free

Things couldn’t be much easier than Windows Movie Maker (even though it is shit!)

Open the program.
Import your audio.
Import your image.
Right click audio > Add To Timeline
Right click image > Add To Timeline
Click on and drag the right-hand edge of the image so it extend to the same length as your audio.
File menu > Save Movie File.

Only problem is you can only do .wmv but that is fine for the likes of Youtube…

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Can also easily be done in TouchDesigner if you know what to do… Which unfortunately might take some time learning. But if you know some modular sound software drawing wires etc. it won’t be too hard to learn.

TD is free as long as you don’t go beyond a given profit limit IIRC. (There’s also some output limitations, but should be more than ok for youtube)

If you’re interested, I can send you a simple .toe file I did a while ago. It includes a simple animation and a text fade in at the end. You could easily adjust it to your own needs.

thanks will check it out

EDIT:looks like movie maker isent in the windows essentials for windows xp

nevermind found it:)

just tried windows movie maker and it wont let my save a movie:(

Strange. What’s happening? Is the option just greyed out? I went through those exact steps to write the process for you and works fine here and I only installed WinXP and then SP3 straight after a couple of weeks or so ago. Don’t think I have anything else installed that should affect it as it is Windows’ own codec they use…

You have definitely added to timeline and got the audio and video tracks visible across the bottom? You can play and preview from within WMM itself, yeah?

yeah i followed the steps you described,but when i try to save movie as,i get a message with couldnt save,and then theres something about make sure theres enough diskspace,and that the source files havent been deleted

theres enough diskspace and the source files is there

dont know if it has anything to say,but when i add my audio track,its white,and it doesent show waveform,its just a big white square

will try to test it again later tonight

What is the audio file? The one in my personal test was a random mp3 I had downloaded (from a Renoise user.) I do see a waveform (quite light in colour) and also the name of the track repeated a few time at the top of the strip down the timeline.

its a wavefile,it also shows the filename of the audio file repeated on the moment i will see if i can post a screenshot

heres a screenshot,i think something is not working correctly

can see i captured a screenshot of both my screens:)

Make sure the .wav is 16bit 44.1kHz and see if that works. You can check by right-clicking in WMM and going to properties. Just tried a wav of those properties and it worked for me…

Or upload the wav and I’ll try if you want. See if for some reason it just doesn’t like that file. Assume it was a Renois export yeah?

weird just tried it with a mp3 of one of my tracks and now it works,maybe it just didnt like the other file:)

thanks again,all seems to work

EDIT:and i can also save as movie now

have uploaded videosto 4 of my tracks
link is in my signature