How do you manage your music collection?

Hi there,

coming from the linux world, I use amarok and audacious to play and manage my digital music collection.
I recently started using windows more and more for multimedia stuff, so I am looking for a new software.

Anyone with a good recommondation there? (Of course, I’d love a software that works very well and runs on both linux and win, but well, theres always wine for that)

More specific, I am thinking about implementing a DJ workflow, so I am very interested in how some of you manage music for such a workflow.

I read about mediamonkey, is it worth the 40 bucks?

Thank you for your thoughts!!

Clemetine is based of Amarok back when it was good.
I mostly use AIMP at the moment though.

I would check out the new Beatport Pro App (free). Custom designed for DJs. I personally use iTunes with shitloads of smartlists for bpm/genre/style, which works fine, but it involves a lot of manual work as well ;)

Thanks guys for the tips!

Clementine: This looks really promising. I used to love amarok, nowadays, it is mostly in the way. And cross-platform and open source is always a door opener :)

AIMP: looks like the good old winamp, which is also a door opener, like it was with audacious, will give it a try

itunes: nah, had it (a long time ago), messed up everything. Didn’t like it that much. I am not afraid of manual work though, since I think, this is needed in almost every managing software, when you start actually managing your stuff and not just throwing it into one folder.

beatport pro: only mac unfortunately, but looks also interesting

dont know amarok but i´ve been using mediamonkey for the past years. theres no real need for the gold version i guess. i use it mostly because of it`s database and renaming features.
aTunes is worth a look too.

I use iTunes but I hate iTunes. I only kept using it because I had an extensive set of playlists. I’ve lost all my playlists now in the process of reformatting my old computer (and saving the library file did not at all save the playlists like something I read online said it would) so now I could easily talk myself into changing to a different program, once I convert my $1500 worth of itunes purchases to mp3.

I’ve been using Winamp since forever and don’t have any reason to change. I’ve got a nice minimal skin on it and the global hotkeys make it uber convenient.

file management: /artist/album/track
player: winamp

what else do you need?

player: foobar2000 wins on windows imo.

For me all media belongs to vlc :unsure:

i play my music with winamp when i’m on my pc and with iaudio mp3 player when i’m outside… (always liked it old skool, that’s why i also love using trackers :)

for every new year i have year folder (2011,2012,2013,ect) and inside i have folders with styles (dnb,footwork,house,other,ect)

VLC mostly on mine.
Also used Winamp a share amount of time.

I just have music/artist-album-year/ under my home folder. mpd+ncmpcpp to manage and listen.