How Do You Mix?

We can control the volume in differnt ways: the volume column, the automation, the mixer and in the vst/sample properties (amplify). Sometimes I found the volume to low compared with other audio. How do you work? How do you mix?
I use the volume column for the more detailed settings, if the volumen is low I amplify in sample/vst preferences and I use automation for the other things. How interact the amplify option and the mixer??

I always use gainers, accurate tweaking and 12.041 dB boost.

I think it’s better to lower the volume, than to keep boosting… so if I feel something is not loud enough, instead of boosting, I try to drop the volume of everything else. Requires discipline, for some reason, though… something I don’t always seem to be able to muster.

Use the post volume in the mixer for the final adjustments. It isn’t automatable for exactly this reason, to have final control over the loudness without messing up anything else like volume fades. During song creation i’m using the normal volume controls or also options offered by any effect plugins.

Most sounds are lowered with the gainers in my mixes but some sounds are very quiet after processing and the 3 dB boost from the pre mixer just isn’t enough. If I would lower all other sounds to equal the lowest sound my output peak would be around -20 dB or something.
The advantage of the gainer is that you can go both ways with it.

True, fair point! Changing my point to: be aware of your headroom when boosting volume! :)

Now you can sidechain the eq and have a good control over crossing frequency. ;)

I tend to boost because I do most of my work with headphones, therefore I need the extra gain to actually hear it :P

Haha, buy headphones with less resistance and your problem is solved. :D

Thanks for the answers. I have to use the post volume, your right! :D
I used to lower the volume instead of boosting , but sometimes the end result is a low volume song (compared whit some mp3 tune).
I will tray amplify to 12.041, gainer if needed, automation, and post Mixer.

do you use that on your master track?

No, I keep the master channel as empty as possible. Sometimes I use the occasional compressor or maximizer but no gainers on the master.