How do you organize your drums?

Greetings Friends.

Coming back to Renoise after a long hiatus. How does everyone prefer to organize drums in instruments and apply them to tracks?

Some things I’ve considered maybe: instruments organized by sound type (kick, snare, hat, percussion, etc), just one monolithic instrument, drum machine hits on one instrument, breaks on another.

Curious, if you prefer more monolithic instruments, how do you deal with various takes of sampled drums (with different parameters set on the drum machine)?


one of my common approach:
1 track kick
1 track snare
multiple tracks for different hi-hat types
multiple tracks for layered breaks/perc

adjust individually tracks:

  • layer different kicks to kick track, same for snare (edit amp envelope individually)
  • kick example: create dsp chains within sampler - one dry processed sound, with parallel compression for punch…
  • sidechain tracks of percs and breaks to kick and snare - so they duck and leave room for punch, but still retain ambient
  • group all drums - further dsp processing
  • parallel fx tracks (i wish they could be inserted left from master track (in group or like regular track) - so i could control sum of parallel + original (in terms of applying effect before master, but at this point in signal flow)

… aand everything else :smiley:

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When I’m using drum machine VST’s I’ll route each sound output to its own channel, and I’ve gotten used to setting it up left to right as Kick, Snare, Hi Hats, Toms, and then whatever else, usually Claps and Percussion. Something like an 808 cowbell will get its own track because it has an individual character but other generic percussion or cymbal sounds I’ll just keep to the same track because they’ll likely be processed the same anyway.

I do the same with samples. I prefer to use individual sounds in different instruments as opposed to building one monolithic kit inside a single instrument. I still stick to the same track layout as above, just because it’s what I’ve become accustomed to.

If I’m using a whole drum loop and chopping it up, then it just gets its own track. I used to meticulously slice the sample but lately I’ve been using the ‘S’ command to jump around drum loops and it’s more fun and seems to be quicker for me.

Usually I put each drum in its own instrument (with multiple samples if I’m making a layered sound). Sometimes it’s fun to make a drum machine instrument with lots of internal routing, but in the process of making a track I tend to take the lazy path.

Exactly like that. Each instrument/sample has its own track.
No groups at all, it’s not necessary. It’s always the same order from left to right. Kick, Snare, Clap, Hihat, Hat, Shaker, Percussion and so on. The drums are getting parallel processed by sends. All drums except the kick are being routed to a drum bus, where all the drums are getting slightly compressed. The drum bus is being routed to another fx track where another compression, the so-called “New York compression”, is taking place. That’s it.

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