How Do You Organize Your Sample Files?

This is one thing that really blocks my creative workflow.
I have all my samples in one directory with subdirectories looking like this:

d:\samplelib_ogg <- here go the .ogg-encoded samples
d:\samplelib_xi <- here go the .xi (old FastTracker instrument files)
d:\samplelib_xrni <- Renoise instrument files
d:\samplelib\ripped <- samples stolen from somewhere else
d:\samplelib\work <- tweaked or self recorded samples

Problem is the .ogg files directory where 43244 samples are ‘sprayed’ into different subdirectories.
Coming from different sources all those files are with completely cluttered nomenclature.

I tried to sort them and categorize them in things like “drums”, “snares”, “lead”, etc. but this is very time consuming.
Isn’t there a tool that at least helps to fasten this task?
I tried to abuse “Songbird” for that, but it’s really slow with so many files.

Any suggestions on this?

do it manually, and you will feel like a king when you’re done. also, unless your filenames are all ‘kick01’ and stuff like that, i believe it would prove pretty difficult to get software to automate this process - how will it know what file is a kickdrum and what file is a snare?

i do all of this manually. i looked up my deepest nested sample for you, and it is here:
D:\6. MUSIC\1. FILES#samples\2. VOICE#opera#purcell\king arthur

so, get to work!

There is enough software which is able to detect the pitch-level of a sample, so having a tool that allows automating sample-naming according to the pitch-level they resemble is possible, I figure some of this software might also be capable of detecting percussion elements (distinguishing low frequencies in a bassdrum and the higher in a snare and the noise frequencies in a hihat) and maybe there is even software that can detect the bpm rate of sample-loops.
But they most likely also come with a pricetag.

I have over a zillion directories on my HD , and to make things worse , whenever I feel the too nested or overcrowded instead of bringing order into that chaos, I just create a new one
On the plus side, whenever a new directory is created , it automatically gets rooted into my subconsciouness .