How Do You Play An Entire Clip

I am admittedly a noob at renoise. I am normally an Ableton user. I am trying to make a remix of an song in mp3 format that I imported into renoise. The only way I can get it to play is to treat it as a sample, hit record, and then play a note (I’m assuming this also changes the key of the song to whatever note I hit). When I hit play though, it only plays the first 64 beats and then of course loops back to the beginning. I just want to play the song in its entirety so I can record me playing along with it with a synth, and then possibly loop those synth lines later on. Also, how do I get the song I am playing along with to line up with Renoise’s beats? So that the kick in the song lines up on the 1st beat of Renoise’s measures? I did try and search for answers but didn’t really know how to ask these questions using Renoise terminology.

Work out the tempo of the song. Set Renoise’s BPM to that. Play the song in the first pattern, add new empty patterns afterwards, enough of them for the entire song to play. Jam along and hope you worked everything out right ;)

Note: Do the above with the empty patterns, enable AutoSeek on the sample, go forwards a fair few patterns and but a drum hit maybe first and mid position in the track. This way you can check how we’ll you’ve got it in time.

You can do remixes with Renoise but it doesn’t have the tools to make it instantly easy, like Ableton does. Bit of work and the efforts are worth it though.

And you may want to look into the Rubberband Tool if you want to change the speed without affecting the pitch, Renoise can not do it natively as of yet.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. I’ll try this out, though some tracks with tempos that vary will be problematic. I am trying to switch over completely to linux for music (I DJ professionally as well as produce) and so far renoise is the best candidate to help that transition. So far I love the way Renoise works (track scope is awesome!), but if the developers can get some of these things to be more Ableton-esque, it’d be a game changer for sure!

Very hard indeed! I would possibly suggest using the Slices to cut into smaller, then the Slices To Instrument Tool to turn them into individual samples, then if the tempo variation isn’t too bad then the Beat Sync option may just about be OK, otherwise check out the Ruberband Tool I mentioned earlier (I don’t know offhand if you can batch process all samples to the same final length but if not it’s a very good suggestion for the Tool.)

if you type 0500 in the starter note’s fx coloumn it will not start over when it is retriggered unless it has played all the way through. ;)