How do you play live?

As tools like lauflicht, gridpie, cells etc. aren’t supported by newer versions of renoise I fell like this question might be of interest to many of us here.

How do you guys integrate renoise in a live setup?

answered in the other thread, but, basically bouncing back and forth between two instances of renoise, generally mixing ambient intros/outros, but you could beat mix if you practiced. I have doofers set up on master and drum groups with repeaters, delay, reverb, or whatever tied to knobs and faders on a control surface.
works fine for me

so basically DJing two renoise songs?

how would you trigger an individual track from a pattern?

I wasn’t triggering individual patterns or tracks. basically DJing plus fx

I think you can trigger individual patterns via midi, though, so if you had a trigger finger or a launchpad or something… unless I’m mistaken, you could probably set it up

i do have a launchpad. but triggering tracks nonlinear oinly works with gridpie, and that has some bugs

I’ve been using trackers as a "third turntable" for tracks and one-shot samples.
Many intros, outros, and intermissions; setting up the mood for the new record sort of thing.

Also, since im new to renoise, im recently interested in the ‘midi learn’ button at the
top-right corner of this tracker, it looks powerful for doing more stuff.

I used hw groovebox with renoise and with some hw noisemakers tempo synced modulated through the korg esx groovebox.

I launched and improvised beat sequences on groovebox, renoise was for ambient and sound scapes. Some longer melodic parts too.

I was doing a kind of genreless sound beatscapes. Lots of delays and reverbs and large kick drums with reverbed rimshots :wink:

that sounds cool, id love to hear it. how do you interact with renoise in the process?

Renoise was more in background. I turned on/off track scopes. There were some send tracks with delays and reverbs - I would let them ‘build up’ - and then mute the source track - and so on.

I find it interesting, when I do not know what I will do - I just build it up as I go - sometimes even repluging cables. Tbh - I have rarely finished a complete song on any daw or hw - I just like live jaming, make it as it grows.

The tension of being in front of audience ads some adrenaline and focus.

du you do that with the mouse?

For me, I use the mouse built into the laptop; see i feel there is a very big
difference between live on youtube and live from a dj booth at a party.

what do you mean? which difference?

Well in a dj booth at a club or the back of a warehouse; no one
really see’s or cares how you keep the beats flowing.

So keyboard and mouse have always been fine for me.
There is no need to use a controller to be visually appealing,
thats what the lights, lasers, screens, and glowsticks are for .

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but dont you think it would grant you a more direct interaction with the software? you could turn off the lights of the controller too

Yeah, the keyboard is already rigged and easy to customize, but
your right, the more stuff on, or closer to, the mixer the better really.

Not saying i wouldnt like or wouldn’t use a controller, especially
with smaller laptops connected to it. Just that I havent done that yet…

Actually want to try getting some midi learn stuff configured in Renoise,
i’ve been eyeing that button lately (g).

and what are your most useful (custom) shortcuts in that matter?

Yep with mouse(thinkpad trackpoint). Or the built in kb shortcuts.

One could also use the XY-Pad meta devices, with Hydra routings - some interesting dubjazz could be conjoured…

Im just too lazy to carry the controller with me - plus I would forget the midi assignments anyway - actualy I have never used a controller - maybe just for one track, to fade the cutoff/reso thing. I left my midi keyboard/controller to a willage stoner jammers.

After building and unbuilding my live performace sets or few times - the novelty faded quickly - and, unless I can afford a roadie, I am rather jaded about all that hw juggling. The only ones who care are other nerds like me :wink: People just want to dance! :wink:

The most fx/tweaking ‘jazz’ was from drummachines built in fx - so the hw was its own controller - so to say.

I mean - realistically - human got 5+5=10 fingers +/- … So theoretically I could tweak 10 params at the same time. But realistically 2 is max for my brain, with muting/unmuting beat parts, and efx - I got enough to play with. :wink:

I wish - there was some kind of super-tiny micro midi controller - not bigger than usb-stick - with 2 pots - would be enough for me. Or integreated in a Laptop surface - like extra touchpad - just for midi…

Check out the project called ‘Sleaford Mods’ - its just a laptop - and a guy presses play on VLC player. :wink:

My cynical side tells me - Live PA is just an overglorified ‘play’ button pressing. :smiley: I know its not always acurate true, but well - take it easy :wink: