How Do You Pronounce Renoise?

Just wondering how the masses pronounce the name of this wonderful piece of software… personally, I was in french immersion in highschool, so I tend to put a french accent on many words… So I pronounce it Ren-oise… but when I’ve talked to people about it, they tend to get confused… because many people see it as Re-noise… either way, just wondering how you pronounce it

@ BYTE-Smasher

I love the little renoise bar! I want one too! :dribble:

Simply click it… it will lead you to where you can search for “renoise” :P … I made that userbar btw :D

Good job mate! check my signature out!!! :P

Heh… do I see a potentially forumwide trend? :P

dragging back the topic…
my mate at work here always calls it “ren-waa-zay” as a bit of a joke. That should be a third option

I tend to give it a german spin, to be true to the devs. Keeping it real. So “Rehrmnose” or something like that.


LOL :lol: German pronounciations rock! :yeah: Schutzstaffel! Mein Laben! Mein Gott in Himmel!

Cool bar, I’m on board! :w00t:

Me too! Although I’d like to change the text to “Renoise Mangler” :D

I pronounce it ree noise, with a french RRR in front.

It’s “mein Leben”, not “mein Laben” btw :)

I pronounce it, with a high texas accent: “ReNoize” ;)

Usually I say Re-noise. But with my fellow Swedish buddy I give it a Swedish spin with “Renojs”. Or sometimes we call it “Återljud”… i.e. direct translation. :)

In Finnish words are pronounced exactly like they are written, consecutive vowels like “aue” are all spoken and don’t sound like “oo” and consonants are hard. So if one wanted to teach a Finn, who doesn’t speak a word English, to say Renoise like Re-noise, s/he must be told to say “rii-nois” and emphasize the R is soft. When speaking English I say it like that, Re-noise (or “rii-nois” ;)), but when speaking Finnish I just say “Renoise”, the emphasis is on the first syllable and there are in fact three of them. “Reh-noi-se!”

Oh, oh! And the direct translation would be something like: Jälleenmeteli. :D

i’ve always said “ree-noise” but i might start saying ren-oise now just because!

I just got a strong sense of déja vù! :blink:

Say, do any of you guys wanna record how you say it and present us all with an OGG or two?

'tis how I say it

If you weren’t tied up, you could probably pull a gang of American women pronouncing renoise like that.


The quality is horrible but it’s just for fun, right: :)

You know how you can get stuck with a tune looping endlessly in you head? I suppose that’s rather normal but how about dj io saying “Ren-oise” over and over again…

haha… that’s exactly how I say it dj_io (the second one)