How Do You Recreate The Sound Of Low Quality Streaming Audio

I love the sound, but would like to harvest it.
It’s the bubbly almost ringmoddy wobble.

try encoding your samples (or whole song) as a low bitrate mp3… then re-encode them again! and again… might work?

Cheers, how does one encode the samples? :blink:

you could use any mp3 encoder you want… itunes? load your samples or whatever and rightclick “create mp3 version.” just play around with the quality settings, try double encoding…experimentation is key…

i guess you could also upload a video with your samples or song to youtube and then record the output of the streaming video (no HQ!) into renoise and go to town…

or you could just play around with lofimat and ringmod devices until you attain the desired sound.

Record the samples trough your speakers with your mobile phone and upload to computer = shitsound ^^

(don’t forget to filter low frequencies)

here’s a quick one i did 4 mp3 encoding passes on… sounds like shitty streaming audio to me! reminds me of jammin real audio and liquid audio streams late at night in my bedroom on my dad’s work laptop back in '97…

When you listen to a low quality audio stream, you’re typically hearing audio encoded to mp3 at a low bitrate. So, as centipus already mentioned, you can achieve this by simply encoding your audio at a low bitrate using pretty much any mp3 encoder you prefer. Multiple passes are not necessary, just aim for a bitrate around 32kbps, 16kbps, or even lower, and you’ll easily get that robotic/sparkly/tinkly/bubbly sound.

If you prefer to get these sounds in realtime, I do not know of a VST which offers realtime mp3 encoding (yet), but there is a free plugin called DtBlkFx which can get you extremely close to that sound:

It’s an FFT-based effect with a variety of different filter types, one of which is called “Contrast”. The contrast filter creates a very similar sound, as you can hear from this quick demo I’ve made:

These were the settings I used:

I automated the contrast filter amount from 0% to 100% over the duration of the pattern in Renoise.

You can get an even more dramatic effect if you bandpass filter your audio first, reducing the overall frequencies to a smaller range, before processing it with DtBlkFx.

perfect, thanks guys.

diggin that crazy plug dblue… thanks for turnin me on to it!

I was looking for something like this the other week - quality find man :)