How Do You Select One Column Of A Track?

I have a track with 3 columns. I purposely added 3 columns for chords… however, I ended up making a melody on the 3rd track and I want to move that to a seperate melody track. If I hold down shift and move the cursor down, it selects all 3 columns of the track. How do I simply select the one (rightmost) column instead of the whole track, please?

Option 1:
Use the mouse

Option 2:
Place the cursor where you want to start the beginning of your selection press CTRL/CMD+B. Move the cursor to where you want to end the selection and press CTRL/CMD+E.
If B and E is in the same column, only that column will be selected. You can also span the selection over as many columns as you want by moving the cursor left/right, before you place your E.
This works for note and command columns only. Hopefully there will be possible to use this for the volume, panning and delay columns separatly aswell. Today, these are linked to the note column.

Might be other options. But Option 2 is what I use.

This is perfect. Thanks very much for this - I’ll get out of the habit of Windows defaults for selection. :slight_smile: