How Do You Stop Renoise Editing Samples In 32bit

how do you keep it all at 16bit all the time? I load in a 16bit samples and it because 32 and I don’t like 32 it’s too clean.

I’m sorry, but… what on earth are you talking about? Can you please try to describe your problem more clearly? Can you provide any kind of logical reason or evidence for why you think Renoise operating at 32-bits is somehow a bad thing? Can you explain why you think 32-bits is “too clean” for your music?


I think I don’t understand this to…

but maybe the f11 “adjust sample properties” in the sample vieuw is something for you?

Is this super advanced comedy or not? Fair enough if you want to conserve disk space, but saying that you can tell the difference between a bunch of numbers stored as 16-bit floating point and those exact same numbers written to memory as 32-bit is one hundred percent horse excrement.

I think he wants renoise internal processing to be 16bit, so he could overdrive channels or something. Doesn’t make much sense doing that though.

using the Lo-Fi math device you can degrade the bit depth at like.

LofiMat and distortion to the rescue, then?

sorry i didnt get you back and confused you all, well it’s just when i dump samples off from renoise to share out, everyone moans that it sounds like crackle cause whatever they all got doesn’t support 32bit. and it’s just annoying and i have to move my ass (well, my finger more) to get everyone 16bit or less.