How do you trigger patterns in Redux?

Hi there, great day to you,

How would i trigger patterns in Redux, haven’t been able to figure it out, every time everything goes haywire when trying to start arrangement…

I only want to compose a song. like in Renoise… and have it run on the exact time with the DAW

so 2 things

  1. how do i sync Redux with the main DAW song/pattern/timeline
  2. how do i make the song/pattern sequence triggerable/play in sync with the song

Would someone who knows how to do this, explain it to me ?

Just how to get a song going, and what are the differences between the different modes ( someone who knows how to use this in Redux )

I want the song to follow, like ReWired Renoise would…

And now it is jumping all over the place, starting in wrong positions… playing patterns when i press keys etc.

You use it like how you would use any other vsti in the daw of choice. It isn’t a songplayer. You have to send midi note events to it to trigger phrase patterns. You can keymap different phrases across the keyboard and record in the output in the daws piano roll for example. Not behind redux right now to be specific.

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Can someone who knows how to do this explain how to play the patterns with midi notes ?

I am only asking for simple steps how to get patterns to play on this thing, and wondering if someone understands the steps and can explain them

imagine you explain it to a 5 year old

What daw are you using? Perhaps this video can help?

I don’t believe redux plays “patterns,” but phrases. It sounds like maybe you’re trying to use redux to play an xrns or mod file inside another daw… if so, redux doesn’t allow for this, as far as I know (having never actually used redux, lol)

What precisely are you trying to do?

I’d recommend diving into phrases and what they can and can’t do. Multiple instances of redux would be quite powerful within another daw, but it’s not the same as renoise in terms of multitrack capabilities

Got it working, Thank you everyone