How Do You Tune Samples?

I started this topic because I failed to tune cowbells :angry:

Usually I just go by ear, but I have begun to think, that a VST that shows the frequency and it’s related note would quicken things up for me, so…

Is there any tuning VST freeware out there or perhaps anyone can share a tip?

Sometimes I don’t think……st=f&q=tune
I’ll update here if I find something useful…

I was using Gtune , until yesterday when it no workey! I gotta investigate & submit a bug report.

edit no bug in renoise or gtune, foiled again!

some freewares listed on kvr:
h t t p : / / w w w . k v r a u d i o . c o m /get.php?mode=results&st=adv&soft][/url][]=e&type[]=74&f[]=0&f[]=au&f[]=dx&f[]=ladspa&f[]=rtas&f[]=vst&linux=1&osx=1&win=1&free=1&sf=0&receptor=&de=0&sort=1&rpp=100

Tested 4 different tuners and the best is ctuner, just what I was looking for :)

I tried gtune too, it seems to work but not really good… try ctuner ;)

I use reatune in Reaper
Seems to be as accurate as any others i tried and has the bonus of having all Reapers pitch algos so that you can auto correct or manually correct it


I usually make a small pattern of 16 patterns, which I loop. I insert one synth of which I’m sure is in tune, and make it play a little melody. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it’s just for reference. Then, I place the instrument which needs to be tuned next to it, playing the same melody. Keep changing the basenote untill they match. Finetune if needed. There you go! :D

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I use hardware tuner perma-connected to my monitor chain:

Void Pointer, actually I did that too, but it wasn’t easy with cowbells and usually it takes me quite a while to do it. It’s much more convenient with a tuner.

Nice one Suva.

If you’re trying to tune some bass to higher melodies elsewhere, try shifting the bass synth/samples up an octave or 2, tune them by ear, then shift down again.

Thats how ive always done it anyway.

I think having all your sounds totally 100% in tune can make things sound a bit dull so I’ll often treat tuning the same way I treat panning of percussion sounds - have everything sitting in a slightly different place (+/- 20 cents or so)