How Do You Work With Long Breakbeats?

Precisely how does a piano roll make working with longer breaks easier?

To be fair, Recycle! has been around for donkey’s years and allows you to export a midi file (normally as an ascending chromatic scale) with note lengths corresponding to the exact slice size of each hit from a break. This make it a doddle to reorganise the break on a piano roll when using any sort of sampler that supports REX files.

That said, personally I can no longer be arsed with this approach since I started using Renoise (09xx ftw!) and favour the already mentioned approach of dividing longer breaks into more manageable sections that improve the precision of the sample offset markers.

But each to their own…

that suggestion is very nice and comes close to what i want. i have left a comment in this thread which could make the draggable blockloop feature even better.

i have mentioned this a few times in this thread. in Renoise you have to work with 09XX or copypasting from template which is very time consuming and hence obstructing the flow of arranging beats. i’m not complaining in this thread about Renoise giving no possibility to chop breaks. not at all, it’s even the opposite. but using the piano roll is 100 times more convenient since you’re creating beats due to immediate access to trigger the slices.

No it doesn’t! Explain how entering data in a Piano Roll gives access to different parts of the sample in any way different to entering in a Tracker interface. It you beat is already sliced up or has markers, then maybe. But that is the same chopping it up and having it as an XRNI anyway! In fact most Piano Rolls are less conductive to it if anything!

Again explain HOW a Piano Roll makes it easier to access the different parts of the break at whim.

So the same as cutting it up and making yourself an XRNI with each hit on a different note? What Ripley said he doesn’t want to do? What you only need to do once and then can reuse in every song you want to use that break in. Or use ReCycle to create the different slices then load them all in one go, hit Generate Drumkit and do it in about a minute to the same quality as your example above (even though you can’t directly load the rex files.)

again: in renoise you have to look up the offset number in the sample editor, switch back to pattern editor and typing in the 09XX effect. for every hit. in piano roll you just have to do a mouse click for every hit. guess what’s more flexible and faster…

this is what i’m talking about all the time. this thread is not about how people slice their breaks. it’s about how you work in the pattern editor immediately when producing the song already, having the breaks already sliced and saved readymade for any future productions. and i INTENTIONALLY added the term “LONG breakbeat” because you wouldn’t slice a break that has 200+ snippets into 200+ instruments/samples, as i’m aware the “break divided into instruments” is the quickest method in renoise.

i don’t want to do it for a good reason, see above.

Yeah, I see what you mean but it’s still a manual process in the first instance from a chopping point of view (rather than a lazy, often inaccurate sensitivity threshold), but like I said you’re preaching to the converted over here!

You have to empathise that it’s a bit of a paradigm-shift when you go from using a traditional DAW to Renoise and many users have never used a tracker before, so I can understand some lingering piano roll devotion. Once you get comfortable though the piano roll becomes redundant for any sort of beat-slicing or drum programming but it takes a while to get familiar with new things.

I dont get the problem here?is it just the fact of the extra labour thats bothering you?I just treat long breakbeats the same as short ones???No big deal?just cut them up or 09xx them.

If you just load a sample into a DAW and click around on the Piano Roll all you are going to do is play the break from the beginning at different pitches! It does not in any way automatically slice it and give you instant access to different sections!!

yeah, i decided to read through the posts again because i did not understand what ripley was going on about (and seemed to get pissed about because people did not understand what he meant). now, i came to the same conclusion you did. i do not know what he means.

Now if he had said Audio Tracks I might have some idea what he was getting at. Most “standard” DAWs will have a Piano Roll and Audio Tracks. With the Audio Tracks you can see the waveform, line it up, trim it top and tail non-destructively, therefore getting access to any part of the sample fairly easily. Also of any length, rather than having to have just a single hit per note.

Has nothing to do with a Piano Roll though!! And still doesn’t give you access to different sections on different keys, which was claimed.

We now have an answer for you.

Use Renoise 2.7 :D

ha ha!! was gonna say that!! :lol:

I totally don’t understand this thread. You cut up your beats and you use them as seperate samples. End of story.

no, you didn’t read this thread. but it doesn’t matter now, since renoise have the new slice markers in 2.7 it’s all good.

thread can be closed now, i don’t mind.

How do you know what I read or not? You seem awfully adapt at reading peoples minds. And what’s the difference between a multisample or the slice markers where it comes to LONG BREAKBEATS that stretch over 8 bars or more? I don’t know that of course, since I didn’t read the thread.