How Does Groove Settings Work?

Hi all, i am new to the forum.

I have just started playing with Renoise and after reading the entire tutorial i didn’t quite understand how to use the Groove Settings. Could someone explain it for me pls?

Depending on which tickspeed you are using (Tickspeed 6 is usual) you can use the groove settings to make renoise play the pattern with slight changes in the speed. If you set up the groove settings to 50% it is the same as placing tickspeed 5 and tickspeed 7 every row (a005, a007, a005, a007 etc…)

Usually to hear the groove it’s good to make a clear pattern and insert a high-hat every row. Play the pattern and enable groove-setting by setting every slider to 50% and enabling it.

If you disable it, you will hear the difference.

Sorry, english is not my motherlanguage. I hope you get it anyway.