How Does One Actually Pronounce Renoise? :)

For those who just have to know… Over here in Australia, FT2 is pronounced something like ‘‘Owz-a-bout a root larv?’’

I too am a fan of our accent and dialect… ; )

Larph!!! Lol :lol: :D Oh that’s a sure way to offend the Queen when you’re having dinner with her!

Yes, sometimes Australians have the diplomatic skills of a sledge hammer.

btw, that French way is probably the best… someone should do a song with all these people speaking “Renoise” with different accents: then form those quotes into a loop-beat…

don’t forget you can also speak Renoise in an angry way… or even a saexy way too… woooooo…

oh Renoise… brrrrrrr…

J> ''Owz-a-bout a root larv"

eh… i think I need that translated into American English :)

is it “Hows about a root love?” (what’s root?)


I believe root is synonym for f**k.

OR… he’s talking about larvas that lives in roots. I think I’ve seen aboriginals cut larvas out of trees and eating them Maybe that’s it :P

I know what you mean when talking about the french way…
Has anybody here seen the movie “The amazing world of Amelie” ? (I suppose it was translated in a lot of different ways?)
There is this point where the Man Of Glass speaks to the guy from the vegetables shop in the street and teaches him how to paint.
While both are painting the man of glass is disturbed by some useless chat (about Lady-D and the chance for people to be buried in space with a satellite…) and when he can’t hold it no-more he just explodes with a
“Ahh! Lady D… Lady D… look you’re boring me now!”
The guy takes up all of his stuff and goes out all shaked, offended and suspecting he have done something wrong.
While he walks out the Man of Glass whispers once again… “Lady D”… like considering how poor and insignificant are such topics… then, as if he’s making a match between the two things he rises his hands toward his painting and with a tone of voice remarking how deeply important is that, instead, he screams to the guy: “RENOIR!” ([re-noo-ar] A french painter, for those of you ignoring this, the author of the painting the Man of Glass was trying to replicate. Click here to see the painting).
Well… as you can easily understand… this has become a classic among me and friends… so it happened that when I was tracking with enlightened eyes… a test song for some past beta… my friend DjSkunk comes in and after looking at me for awhile he goes all of a sudden like: “AND LADY D ? WILL THEY DO THE SAME FOR LADY-D ?”
And that’s where I explode "Ohh… Lady D…Lady D… " and then all toghether, said in the french way, expressing the maximum importance while shaking hands toward the screen… << RENOISE! >> [Re-noo-us … or rênoáse, as you like…]
:lol: :lol:

:huh: :blink:

“re-noâze” would be the right french pronounciation (i’m french)
but no french would be stupid enough to pronounce it that way as it doens’t look like a french word at all. I pronounce it “ree-noise” as the most logical way to pronounce it. French translation would be “re-bruit” which doesn’t make any sense.
“Le Merveilleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” (original french title) was a f****ing great movie indeed, but i watched a few translated version (english and spanish) and thought that it sounded very different according to the translations. I would recommend to watch it subbed, not dubbed.

Y’m not Welsh, but woudn’t Rynoyce be the way to spell yt?

Just tryyng to be yndyvydwl…