How Does One Actually Pronounce Renoise? :)

I’ve been using Renoise from, well - pretty much from the beginning but yet, I still don’t exactly know how to pronounce it! :D

I’m sure this was posted somewhere, (I checked) so excuse me if I’m asking an old question.

I’ve always pronounced it as ‘ree-noise’. Which makes a good email subject too, “re: noise” :P

Enlighten me, testify!

I’ve always thought of it as “Ree nn oyc” or um “renoice”. :huh: :blink:

that’s how I pronouce it

I have heard 2 people I showed Renoise to pronouce it like it was french.

But its english should probably be pronounced “ree-noise”, but anyone is ofcourse free to say it in whatever way they like…

I don’t know how Itty spells that but I think most of the italian people will quite certainly go wrong with the RE in the beginning… saying RE like in T-Rex… instead that R"ee"noise.

This is some crazy english stuff :)
I don’t know how things are there in other languages… but italian language is quite simple when it comes to pronounciation…

I have no direct way of understanding why RENOISE would use the same “vocal” for the E and for the I
In italian, the word E is spelled more or less like in BET or FLAT or CAT or LESS… In italian, the sound of “EE” is easily expressed with I… like in the final I of renoIse… but this makes no sense to me! :lol:
I would rather write RINOIS if the two vocals sound the same!
But not only there is no trace of I in the rEnoise… but the same word -I-
it goes like the italian “AI” when spelled alone… but in RenoIse it changes sound and it’s used like an italian would use it… BUT only in the end of the word!.. and during saturdays… and if you wearing a blue t-shirt
One word - one letter!

hmmz or pronounce it as ré noys but that sounds way to french for me

translated into dutch RE = HER noise=geluid

nah … im using hergeluid … nah… im using renoise sounds way better :D :D

In German it’d be ‘Wiederschall’ or ‘Wiederrauschen’ or ‘Wiederkrach’.

Hmmz… Isnt that a track from Thomas Schumacher called something like wieder or uberschall?

i think it’s more like “Wiederklang” than “Wiederschall”.

as far as pronounciation of the written “renoise” i cast my vote for the French pronounciation:



Ren-whaar (a possible French pronounciation :) )

Reenoyz (the English pronounciation).

Schnuffle flobblee parrrple funkle schnorf (my pronounciation).


Timo ;)

Damn Florian! I wrote three examples and you found another one from over there in the US :)

To end all discussion about pronounciation: get this. As performed by Sagosen/Sinatra/Xerxes/Hansee.

Oh, and in norwegian it would be something like “gjenlyd” which translated back to english means echo. Funny… :rolleyes:

You guys really know how to have fun! :)

In Australian we pronounce it a little differently, something like “giv us a farkin beer ya cu*t”. I regard our dilect as the most beautiful in the world.

I won’t even reproduce here how we used to say FT2, as it may offend some of you EU peoples… :)

ha, you guys are fun ! :D

here is the U.S. it would be pronounced “Ree.noyz” (like rewind or reason)

keep in mind, I’m also from Germany originally, so I know how the 'R" is completely different. Like in German it is an “errr”. so uhmm… don’t roll your Rs. :P

but after reading your posts, I like the french way best now! (my mom’s name is the french-german ‘renate.’) like ‘Renault’.

and for Foo, sometimes my ‘matez’ and I speak in Australlian Dialekt. :)

hafta agree with you, mate. and in general australiens really does know how to rock the world…


I don’t know why, I pronnounce it in french (rênoáse). :D

Har HaR :P

Oooh, I’m doing that from now on! Every time I say it in french I have to smile…

rênoáse :)

…rênoáse … :D


…rê… :rolleyes: noáse!!! :D