How does Quantizing work in Renoise

Hello i have been trying the demo off and on here and i come from using Fl Studio and Cubase. I really am intrigued by this program but i do not understand how the quantizing works in this daw. I do alot of live recording with my midi keyboard and i use the auto quantize “Q” button at setting 1 for the standard 1/16 notes that i am used to using in Cubase. But i cannot figure out how to do 1/32 notes in Renoise. How can i accomplish this? Trying to convert to this daw but i dont undestand how to quantize my hi hats to 1/32? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

well the 1/32 would be dependant on your lines per beat. you can always delay your notes with the delay coluMN as well

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