How i tune my Windows 7 for better performance with renoise

How i tune my Windows 7 for better performance with renoise.

There’s no waranty for this tip’s. Then Becarefull when you use it.

I use them on my computer for save much CPu as possible:

  • Turn off all windows visual effects - with windows ‘Performance Information and Tools’ / visual effects

  • Limit how many programs run at startup - with msconfig.exe

  • Stop all windows service Service not used for renoise (there is a lot) - internet / antivirus/ stack IP etc…
    i made a dos script .bat with net stop command (i launch it before i use renoise)

  • Changing The Process Priorities of renoise.exe - after you launch renoise with taskmanager /set priority --> Realtime - on my configuration it runs perfectly - !! becarefull with this, sometime windows can freeze and you can looze data in memory

And you ? what u do ?

If you have a modern cpu which can change it’s cores’ frequency, set them to “performance” mode so they operate at max speed. This is advised for two reasons: better overall performance and no cpu time wasted on switching cores’ frequency.

Also change cpu priority from programs to background services. This is for better performance of audio services such as ASIO.

thanks for the tips guys. i tried to change to change the priority to real time via the task manager but i’m getting an access denied message. i’m the admin. any ideas? thanks!

which type of windows 7 ? home, pro?
Perhaps you have to enable the account ‘super administrator’
you can try this : net users Administrateur /active:yes

Check out “Game Booster” for performance optimization with a single click. Stops unnecessary services, closes unnecessary apps, defrags RAM, etc. and does all necessary in reverse, when you switch the gaming mode off again.

I’m not sure but, “game bosster” doesn’t swithch to realtime process. And doesn’t show all widows services like IP stack services for example ( DHCP, DNS…).

with this , you have to log off , and use adminstrator account to have all privilege. I think there are another ways to grant privilige on the task manager like to lanch it with with administrator privilege

Why would everyone connecting to the internet and producing audio on the same PC stop DHCP or DNS services, only to produce some audio??? In best case makes sense for a standalone audio workstation. I thought, this thread was about optimizing your PC for audio, not about making the whole thing an audio zombie, capable of nothing else. Game Booster works pretty well for a temporary optimization of a commonly used system.

Tnx @Bit_Arts! I signed up for the beta of Game Booster. Looks like just what I need.
Do you know if it also can switch CPU priority to background services <-> programs?
I really hate to set this manual each time.

Or @BasicMethods, do you know a .bat command for this?

:D i’m just seraching for best performance , and share my experience about my use of my computer and renoise , if this thread can help somebody… i’ll be happy. sometime i need full cpu ressource for renoise. Antivirus for example is one service which can use a lot cpu for example, and when i stop it i prefer to block internet, you can after restart manually all services or reboot the computer . Windows is not an OS optimized like Unix/Linux or OSX , you have to do a lot of tune to have a good system after a system install.

About game booster it’s a very usefull for persone who don’t want to make some DOS script.

you have the possibility in this tools to kill explorer.exe, and after you’ll only play .no desktop no internet… then in this case , you can stop DNS/DHCP…

If somebody else who used this tools can do a feedback ,


in script .bat.
to launch renoise.exe in real time

cd C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.8.1"
start /REALTIME Renoise.exe

to kill explorer.exe or another proccesses:

taskkill /F /IM “explorer.exe”

to stop a service

net stop “Themes” /Y

The internet is full of threads and discussions, that changing CPU priority from “programs” to “background services” doesn’t have any effect anymore, already since XP. The version of Game Booster I use doesn’t offer an option to switch. I personally don’t think it makes too much sense to switch.

Though, Native Instruments still recommends it for Win7 optimization. So, for anyone who’s interested in optimizing Win7 for audio, here’s a detailed article from Native Instruments: NI - Win7 Tuning tips for audio processing

I agree with bits art , for example renoise is a program and is not running as a service , i prefere to use application priority than service In my case because the most of my services are stopped when i use renoise.

it’s not the same things to switch priority between application or services and switch a procees to realtime.

I’m not sure if it doesn’t matter to switch the CPU priority. It’s not about Renoise itself but about the ASIO drivers that is itself a background service(as far as I understand).
I still see this ‘tip’ here and there in manuals…

i do nothing, all windows and 10+ apps are loaded. this all eats 0.1% cpu, and its all idle.
when renoise is active it has priroty. you dont need to do this, you must have a slow computer or a bad asio driver.

Switching priorities from programs to background services is not for Renoise but for ASIO which is a service/daemon.

if you use asio4all for example, it’s not a service and not a program , it’s just a .dll

Asio is a driver to access the hardware on a low level, this is certainly not something that services are allowed to do.
Perhaps configuration and control stuff are services, but for ASIO functionality, it doesn’t matter what you program.

Sorry for misinformation then.