How is Automation Applied among multiple Patterns?


Yesterday & today, I composed a new music with Renoise v2.00RC3 but I don’t know if the automation works correctly ? For instance :

  • Pattern 1 :
    Volume Automation : “-INF” in the line 0 from pattern & “0” in the line 64 : OK.

  • Pattern 2 :
    Volume Automation : I don’t want to use the volume automation, that is to say that my sample keeps 0 dB as amplify. I don’t understand why the volume automation is selectionned :frowning: Furthermore, I noticed that if I do played directly the pattern 2, no sound plays in the track :frowning:
    I found a solution but I don’t understand : to use the volume automation in all patterns for the track where I use the volume automation (it isn’t a ‘real volume automation’ because it is a line with normal amplify…).

If you want, I can send for you a file .XRNS for having an example.

Thank you for your help & Greetings,


Automation is applied continuesly in the pattern sequence. As soon as you switch to a pattern which has no automation defined, Renoise will use the last one that would have applied as if you played back the song from the beginning and stopped at that pattern.

If we would not have this, you would have to play back the song over and over again to hear how the automation is applied in the final song.

In your example, if you don’t ant to use the Automation in Pattern 2, then explicitly define this by adding an automation with a single point at 0dB. In Pattern 3 and all following patterns the 0 dB will then be used…