How is the plugin identifier determined for macos VST2s?


the recent version of OBXD vst2 for macos was renamed to OB-XD. Since only the OB-XD one supports M1 natively, I would like to “patch” the plugin so it also appears as OBXD plugin identifer. I remember that I successfully did this a couple of times in the past, but this time I seem to miss something. Maybe binary patching?

How exactly is the identifer for macos VST2 determined? Is the Info.plist used at all? Does only the executable file name matter?


Nevermind, I will now simply use the old OBXD version from 2015 or so, using Renoise’s fancy bridge. Performs well, too, and also the old version definitely sounds better, they changed something in the filter model or so :unamused: