How Long Can You Last, Baby


16.242 seconds…AHHHH :panic:


my work here is done


18.672 :P

Didn’t reach the 4 seconds after 20 times :huh:

Nice little addicting game.

21.743 :P

man that shit is addictive.

16.964 at 3rd try… I think I’ll try more.

After -ty tries…

aha, renoise record so far Vv! :D

Thank you for wasting half an hour of my life <_<
28.109 :) Those bricks go berserk at 27 :blink:

No way, print screen!

Are you calling me a liar, son? :badteeth:
Now I probably have to waste another half an hour to do it again.

I like it :D

charly…are you serious? :huh: :wacko:

aha, naw, thats just the highest score i’ve seen! you must have reflexes like a NINJA! CHIKACHIKA! :ph34r:

after a few tries… but i already knew this game.

It’s quite easy to win a few seconds by staying in the up left corner at from about 2 seconds to 10 seconds.

Yeah I’m still trying now I began this afternoon and didn’t eat yet because of your game.
I reached 15 sec at some point.
and still trying…

That’s what she said.

I was total crap for the first round, but tried again a few hours later, made it to 18.89 on the first try. So I guess practice makes perfect, just do it every day for the rest of your life :D

Wish I had ninja skillz! ^_^ The trick is to do the same each time. As there are no randomness involved you learn quickly that way.

More then 10 years of playing Starcraft also helps to get a steady hand :P

Aha, :D i bought the original recently, found the skirmish so ridiculous.

Starcraft wouldn’t be so sexy if it wasn’t ridiculous !

It gets cool when you’re learning the pattern… I did 15s… I don’t have time to play much right now… I’ll come back later with at least 20s